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Workplace Violence

Work Place Violence Training

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Workplace Violence Training will provide awareness, insights, techniques and concrete strategies to create a safer and more secure working environment. Our Workplace Violence Prevention Training is provided to any company or group, incorporating specific needs to each client. Continuous training and routine assessment of vulnerabilities should be part of any responsible administrative program. Some issues routinely overlooked can leave a workplace vulnerable to theft, damage and major lawsuits.

The magnitude of workplace violence in the United States is measured with fatal and nonfatal statistics from several sources. The Bureau of Labor Statistics’ Census of Fatal Occupational Injuries (CFOI) reported 14,770 workplace homicide victims between 1992 and 2012. Averaging over 700 homicides per year, the largest number of homicides in one year (n=1080) occurred in 1994, while the lowest number (n=468) occurred in 2011.

It is widely believed that the implementation of employee training can and has greatly reduced the number of violent incidents in American. If your company faces the unthinkable, provide your most important asset the ability to react in the most effective way possible through thoughtful, professional and experienced training.


The most important factors related to learning is the target audiences willingness to learn and the teachers passion to deliver accurate and effective information. At DIO our instructors have over 75 years in the crisis response business having become certified in every aspect of the industries educational opportunities. But none of that is more important than DIO's greatest asset, SITUATIONAL EXPERIENCE: Between the FBI, and the state and local law enforcement experience represented at DIO, our instructors have worked and lived through countless incidents that have shaped our perspective on work place violence. This real world class room has made us uniquely qualified to help every day people react to a violent encounter in the best way possible to optimize survivability.

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Assess Your Work Environment
Critically examine all areas of your work environment, including parking lots, entryways, reception areas, work areas, and offices. Is the lighting adequate? Are there convenient escape routes? Do you have a method to summon assistance?

Pay Attention to the Warning Signs
Many people who become violent communicate their intentions in advance. Threats from customers, coworkers, or third parties should be reported immediately.

Know Your Violence Response Procedures
Violence Response Procedures are simple plans designed to minimize injury during a violent incident. These procedures should include a plan to summon assistance and move people to a safe area.

Trust Your Instincts
Don’t ignore your internal warning system. If you sense impending danger, react accordingly.

Those Closest To Us

A federal study took raw numbers form 2010 and classified all reported incidents of work place violence into 4 groupings. This break down illustrated that the vast majority of violent acts inside the American work place are committed by coworkers or customers that visit your work site daily. Seeing the signs of the impending violence and not being afraid to speak up is key to preventing many of the acts of violence we see on a daily basis.

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