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Anonymous Tip Line
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The Tip Line is an anonymous portal designed for use by your employees to report suspected criminal and unethical conduct within your business.

Security and safety concerns, lawsuits and financial losses all impact the bottom line and employee well being. Empower your people to confidently make a difference through a secure, anonymous and effective 3rd party Tip Line.

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DIO LLC Tip Line Avenues
Dynamic Intelligence Options Provides:
  • National toll free call center servicing english and spanish.
  • Web reporting portal available 24/7.
  • Completely anonymous case tracking system.
  • Detailed reports written/assessed by retired FBI Agents and law enforcement professionals.
  • Workplace Tip Line posters.
  • On-site staff training​
Reporting Topics:
  • Workplace bullying/violence
  • Suspicious activity
  • Theft
  • Substance abuse
  • Management fraud
  • Safety violations
  • Vandalism
  • Discrimination
Why DIO's Tip Line?
  • Significantly reduces theft, waste and fraud in the work place.
  • Dramatically improve the likelihood of identifying work place violence before it occurs.
  • Empower your most valuable asset to help create a safe work environment.
  • Your company designee (HR, Owner) receives the tip information with in 24 hours.
  • By far, the most affordable security measure available.
For Your Information (FYI)

Our Investigators communicate directly and anonymously with the reporter. All reputable threats are immediately reported to the client along with comprehensive reports utilizing our anonymous ticket based system. The only thing required of the client is to make available the Tip Line service number (provided by DIO in the form of work place posters and employee information cards) and follow up on the tip reports using company human resource best practices. Dynamic Intelligence Options can offer any follow up services requested by the client related to the tip report


The following are some of the best practices that have been shown to be particularly effective at preventing and detecting fraud in companies:

  • Establishing an anti-fraud hotline
  • Adopting an anti-fraud policy and code of conduct
  • Instituting management review procedures and fraud training for employees, managers and executives
  • Conducting surprise audits
  • Conducting external audits of internal controls used in financial reporting

Although it’s certainly important to have some anti-fraud controls in place, not all anti-fraud measures are created equal. For instance, the ACFE found that, out of 80% of the fraud cases reported, 42% of frauds were detected via hotlines (versus only 3% through external audits).

Author: Bridgette Austin, SMALL BUSINESS TRENDS & STATS http://quickbooks.intuit.com/r/trends-stats/fraud-statistics-every-business-should-know

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Easy as 1,2,3


Report concerning information by phone or email to a qualified investigator with confidence that it is totally anonymous.


The investigator assesses all information and conducts a preliminary investigation to classify the report as THREAT/SAFETY/FRAUD.


A comprehensive report is provided to the appropriate human resources representatives at your place of employment using only a case tracking number.